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Drug Information Database Compiler

Location: Chengdu - Sichuan Province - P.R.China
Experience Level: 1-3year
Education Level: Bachelors degree or higher
Type of Employment: Full-Time Regular
Number of Positions Available: 3

Your Requirements:

(1) Responsible for the evaluation, compilation, and composition of specialty medical and pharmaceutical
(2) Responsible for drug information database organizational principles and structural analysis.
(3) Responsible for planning and managing projects, and creating drug information products.

Your Profile

a) Education:
    Must have a bachelors degree or higher in medicine, pharmacy, or a related field. (Clinical specialists and
    those with clinical experience are preferred.)
b) Competency and Skills :
    Must have passed CET-4.
    Must have good text editing capabilities.
    Must have good computer skills, and be familiar with common office software.


HR Dept.


Salary: 3000-5000 RMB/Month;
Benefits: Social Insurance and Provident Fund

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