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Product Specialist

Location: Chengdu - Sichuan Province - P.R.China
Experience Level: 2 years or more
Education Level: Bachelors degree or higher
Type of Employment: Full-Time Regular
Number of Positions Available: 2

Your Requirements:

(1) Product Development:
      Product development planning: track and study market demands and other related information; develop
      plans for the product lines.
      Product Development: create development plans for individual products based on the plans for the product
      line, be involved in all phases of product development (demand design phase, development phase, test
      phase), and ensure that those plans are completed successfully.
(2) Product Management:
      Develop marketing plans that cover every marketing aspect of a product, using the 4P’s: Product, Price,
      Place, and Promotion.
      Design product promotional materials, books, and other documents.
      Provide product knowledge training to internal employees, customers, and business partners.
(3) Marketing:
      Develop product marketing plans, as well as organizing and carrying out those plans.
      Provide support for product sales.
(4) Market Research
      Establish and organize market research mechanisms and intelligence-gathering programs, provide
      direction and support for product development, and formulate and implement marketing strategies.

Your Profile

a) Education:
      A bachelors degree or higher in medicine, pharmacy, marketing, or a related field. Applicants who studied
      medicine and pharmacy must have a basic knowledge of marketing.
b) Competency and Skills :
      Must have good communication and learning abilities, be fluent in Mandarin, have good logical thinking
      skills, good writing skills, and be able to read well in English.
      Familiar with using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other office software.
c) Experience:
      Have two or more years of experience in a medically related field or in marketing.


HR Dept.


Salary: 3600 RMB/Month Plus Commission
Benefits: Social Insurance and Provident Fund

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