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Medicom Software Co., Ltd. specializes in the collection, analysis, evaluation, and management of drug information databases, as well as the development and operation of database software products.

Since its establishment in 1997, Medicom has become China’s leading provider of authoritative clinical information databases. With the support of the Ministry of Health's Rational Use of Medicine Professional Committee, the National Pharmacopoeia Committee, the State Food and Drug Administration's Information Center and Evaluation Center, The Association of Chinese Physicians, and The Association of Chinese Pharmacists, Medicom has developed:
. PASS, a prescription evaluation system,
. MCDEX, an integrated, international, and authoritative clinical information support system,
. CDD, a basic drug information database,
. and other medical products for the information age.
With the use of these products, medical professionals have up-to-date drug information and services at their fingertips to minimize mistakes and find the best solutions in patient treatment.

In 2002, Medicom began providing IT support for the State Food and Drug Administration's computer system, and assumed responsibility for both the computer information system construction and maintenance at the drug information center (SFDA IT), The Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE), The Center for Drug Reevaluation (CDR), The Drug Adverse Reaction Center (ADR), and The Center for Drug Certification (CCD).

After over ten years of developing medical information products and services, Medicom has built on its skills in analysis, processing, and technology, becoming China's leader in the drug information field.

In 2010, Medicom and the largest developer of drug information database products in the world, Wolters Kluwer, reached a cooperative agreement that includes plans to introduce into China, technologies from Wolters Kluwer brands Medi-Span®, Facts & Comparisons®, ProVation® Medical, ProVation® Order Sets, and UpToDate® that will provide healthcare professionals with high quality drug information products, promote well-reasoned medical treatments, and make the use of medicine more rational.

Medicom will continue to put its users first and to provide high-quality products and services for healthcare professionals.