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Cooperation with Government and Private Associations


Since 2002, Medicom has worked on many management information system projects for the SFDA, CDE, CDR, and the CCD.


SFDA Created a sorting program for the data from the drug registry audit, and a system for search and statistics.

SFDA National drug code management system.

SFDA Construction of the database and the managing system at the Pharmaceutical Science Data Center.

CDE Drug technology evaluation system.

CDE Information standardization and information support systems.

CDE Website construction.

CDE Chinese Materia Medica Standards (Processing Standards) database and search system.

CDR Drug adverse reaction data pattern reports.

CDR National basic drug and OTC drug management information system.

CDR Monitoring system to report the adverse reactions of imported medications.

CCD Drug GMP/GAP approval inspection management professional information system.

CCD Point of production drug examination management system.

CCD Nation-wide drug GMP information management system.

CCD Drug GLP, GCP inspection work-management system.

CCD Medical equipment and In Vitro diagnosing reagents inspection management system.

Ministry of Health
Ministry of Health’s Rational Use of Medicine Professional Society

- Strategic Partners
- Cooperatively Developed MCDEX

SFDA Information Center

- Responsible for maintaining the SFDA’s Basic Drug Database.
- Responsible for the National Drug SDC and database management.

SFDA Drug Evaluation Center

- Developed and maintains their medication evaluation computer system.
- Constructed and maintains the central website.
- Supervised the MCDEX Chinese Doctor and Pharmacist Clinical Drug Guide


China Licensced Pharmacist Association

- Participated in the compilation of The Chinese Doctor and Pharmacist Clinical Drug Guide

SFDA Drug Evaluation Center
SFDA Drug Evaluation Center
National Drug Adverse Reaction Center

- Developed, maintains, and manages the national drug interaction database system.
- Developed and maintains the national basic medication and OTC drug databases.
- Oversaw the production of PASS.


State Pharmacopoeia Commission of China

- Gave authority for the creation of the electronic version of the Pharmacopoeia of the PRC.
- Oversaw the production of PASS.


Chinese Medical Doctor Association

- Participated in the compilation of The Chinese Doctor and Pharmacist Clinical Medicine Guide