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Products and Services: Wolters Kluwer | Medicom
PASS - Prescription Automatic Screening System
With the use of advanced IT technology, scientific and medical research and related disciplines, Medicom has created a clinical decision support system that is directly embedded into the health information system (HIS) to provide up-to-date drug and clinical information at the point of care. Medical professionals can standardize processing procedures, review prescriptions and medical information, detect and prevent the misuse of medicine, and promote the rational use of medicine. PASS is available in a number of different formats for specialized needs including PASS NET, PASS PC, PASS Pham Assist, and PASS Antibiotics.
With the use of both domestic and foreign sources as well as the supervision of the SFDA and Ministry of Health’s Rational Use of Medicine Committee, Medicom has created China’s most authoritative clinical drug reference guide for use by medical professionals. It has over 200,000 drug names including all commonly used medications as well as emerging products in China and abroad and is available in two formats, MCDEX PC and MCDEX NET.
CDD - China Drug Directory
Medicom has created a complete and reliable drug database that can easily be integrated into any system. CDD is a valuable tool for a multitude of different medical professionals including health care centers, insurance companies, medical information service providers, HIS manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and clinicians.
China Pharmaceutical Reference
First published in 2003, with annual updates of emerging information, Medicom’s printed pharmaceutical reference has become both doctors and pharmacists most trusted tool in drug information.
Other Services: Software outsourcing development
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